Hail Satan! This is my unofficial Radio Werewolf Tribute page, dedicated to Nicholas Schreck, Evil Wilhelm, and Zeena's groundbreaking gothic band Radio Werewolf. Contact the webmaster Mister Atakra if you would like to submit more information!

UPDATE! (July 22nd, 2003)


To accommodate your requests sent to SchreckInfo, we are now able to offer you original, first pressing, Radio Werewolf CDs from a recently discovered source.

Next year, to mark the 20th anniversary of Radio Werewolf's founding in 1984, a limited edition boxed set including re-releases of all 6 Radio Werewolf recordings will be released including a fully illustrated companion book tracing the magical and artistic history of Radio Werewolf. This collector's edition will be signed and numbered by Zeena and Nikolas Schreck. In preparation for the release of this set, a small number of original Radio Werewolf CD recordings released by Gymnastic Records between 1989 -1992 are now available. The following titles are all currently obtainable for 35 Euro each CD or 100 Euro for all 3 CDs (plus postage and handling). In US$ that's $40.00 for each CD or $113.00 for all 3. When this supply is sold out, these rare recordings will not be available again in their original form.

THE FIERY SUMMONS: First RW release, recorded 1988. Cover image of Fenris Wolf by R.N Taylor in wolf angle frame. Insert booklet with Nikolas Schreck portrait by Gisela Getty, also printed on CD itself. Includes A WORD OF CAUTION introductory text by Nikolas Schreck. Selections: Voice of Terror, Incubus, The Night, From Hell, The Fiery Summons, Walpurgisnacht, March of the Werewolf Order, Hymn of the Fifth Angel (B33920).

SONGS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD: Cover image of Death Riding Horse in Apocalypse by Willfried Nagel. Full color booklet designed by Zeena, including her art, photos of RW, quotations from N & Z. Selections: Something As It Really Is, Operation: Carnival, Dark Ages, Trinity, The Gulf of Black Grief, Voluspa (The Voices), extracted and adapted from the Eddas.

LOVE CONQUERS ALL: Cover portrait of Zeena and Nikolas Schreck by Austrian fetish photographer Helmut Wolech. Full color CD booklet in style of Medieval illuminated manuscript, includes photos of Spear of Destiny, Barbarossa other themes relevant to recording. Selections: Praeludium, Heidentor, Song of the Solstice, Last Laugh, Barbarossa, Prince Wildwolf, Salon Kitty, Sunwheel, Strength Through Joy, T.W.O., Pleasure Dome, Luchorpan, Love Conquers All.

For ordering information, postage & handling cost for your country, please contact Sean at schreckinfo@yahoo.co.uk and your order will be promptly filled.

Radio Werewolf can be contacted indirectly through Sean, their laison person at schreckinfo@yahoo.co.uk and also through the postal system at the following address:

Postfach 120452, 10594 Berlin, Germany

Please note that as of 6.21.03 the storm, vanguard of the international setian movement, facilitated through the spiritual guidance of its high priestess zeena schreck, may now be accessed at its web site: Voice of the Storm.com .

In addition, the books "The Satanic Screen" by Nikolas Schreck, "Flowers from Hell: A Satanic Reader" by Nikolas books, and "Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex magic" by Nikolas & Zeena are now available at www.creationbooks.com !

This is the brilliant cover of their last relevant transmission. This is a striking flyer from one of their shows in Hollywood.
This is the cover artwork by Joe Coleman for the Radio Werewolf-produced "CHARLES MANSON, SUPERSTAR," released in 1989 through the Nightmare Network.

Written, Directed and Narrated : Nicholas Schreck

Photography : Kirby, Bill Lothridge, Brian King, and George Stimson Jr.

Aditional Art : Nick Bougas

Special Guest Narration : Zeena

Starring : Charles Manson

Filmed on location at : San Quentin Prison, Spahn Ranch, and Death Valley

In 1969, he became one of history's most infamous villians, presented by the media as evil incarnate. CHARLES MANSON, SUPERSTAR sets the record straight after years of media disinformation, and features an exclusive interview with Manson which allows him to speak for the first time without being censored or sanitized, as well as rare archival news footage, police documents and photos.

"The best documentary ever on CHARLES MANSON!" -Film Threat Magazine-

Here's an interesting review from The Metal Observer on Radio Werewolf's "Love Conquers All" release: http://www.metal-observer.de/gb/reviews/rev919.html

A recent picture of Evil Wilhelm, and Tara and son Vicent Malouff taken for their recent interviews in Black Magazine. Thanks to Christoph Dzur for sending this to me!


A Radio Werewolf sent me in '98, they can be seen in sequence by clicking on the following links:

Radio Werewolf Letter | Radio Werewolf Booklet Cover | Radio Werewolf Booklet Pages 2 - 3 | Radio Werewolf Booklet Pages 4 - 5 |

Radio Werewolf Booklet Pages 6 - 7

Here's a couple of RW rally flyers that were recently sent in by Dave Skott, Thanks Dave!

Radio Werewolf Rise Rally Flyer part 1 | Radio Werewolf Rise Rally Flyer part 2 | Walpurgis Rally Flyer circa 1990

If you have any of the items from their booklet, contact me, and perhaps we can work out a mutually beneficial trade or purchase?

I am looking for more pictures, show flyers, interview transcripts, and other interesting odds and ends to scan and place pn this page. If you have any of the afore mentioned, do not hesitate in contacting me. If you have contact info for the band members, please let me know at deadmartyr@yahoo.com !!! I have created this page out of love for their music, not animosity, so please respect me for doing so...

-Mister Atakra-